The AADS in Belgium

AADS stands for Anglo American Dance Shop. It is a folk dance society in Flanders, which is a region in Belgium. It was founded in 1990, with a specific dance programme and a specific aim. The programme consists of dances from Great Britain and America. The aim is to provide services without purpose of gain, namely to organize and support initiatives to stimulate recreational practising of Anglo American dance. The AADS has no members.
The AADS has good contacts with similar organizations abroad, especially with American and British ones, but also in many countries in Europe. This enables dancers to have pleasant and instructive foreign contacts.

Country dancers can attend dance weekends in Belgium at least twice a year.
Country dancers also have weekly dances in Ghent. Furthermore there are various dance events throughout the year, like day courses, series of evening workshops, social dances, etc., some with live music.
Senior dancers can enjoy a whole dance week once or twice a year, sometimes abroad. Throughout the year there are numerous day workshops where the round and sequence dance programme is extended. Moreover, advanced dancers have monthly dances near Brussels, Bruges and Ghent.

The AADS sells books and recorded music mainly from Great Britain, America, Scotland, Ireland, but also from European contacts.
The AADS itself has published several books and Cd's (see AADS-productions)

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