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English Country
Philippe Callens
Simone Verheyen (B)
Music: Fiona Barrow (violin), Karen Wimhurst (clarinet), Paul Hutchinson (accordion)


From Friday evening October 6 (7 p.m.) till Sunday afternoon October 8, 2017(4 p.m.)


Provinciaal Vormingscentrum (PVC)
Smekenstraat 61, 2390 Malle, Belgium.

Rooms for 1, 2 (limited), 3 (limited) and 6 are available. Each room has one or more washbasins; showers and toilets are nearby


Philippe Callens / Simone Verheyen

Philippe is known internationally as a leader for English country dance, square dance and contra dance.
Philippe started folk dancing in 1975 in his home town of Antwerp, Belgium, and has steadily gained a reputation as a leader of country dance who can easily combine high quality dance with the dancersí personal enjoyment.
Moreover, Philippe is a prolific choreographer and likes exploring history of the dance.

Simone started dancing at the ripe old age of 11, and hasnít stopped since. In the beginning her repertoire was very international. She started teaching in the seventies. Influenced by Philippe Callens and AADS, she discovered the English Country Dances and New England Contra Dances in the late eighties, and this repertoire has been her favourite pastime ever since. She especially likes the variation in music and the lovely tunes, as well as the flowing figures, and the interaction between the dancers.
Her repertoire stretches from the earliest Playford collections to contemporary choreographers. Simone regularly teaches in Flanders and the Netherlands, and annually at a weekend in Scotland.
She has also taught in England, Wallonia and Germany.

Music will be provided by three excellent musicians from abroad : Fiona Barrow (violin), Karen Wimhurst (clarinet), Paul Hutchinson (accordion)

Fiona Barrow is a Bristol based professional violinist who trained classically. She then defected to the other side, following a love of traditional music.
She has played for folk dancing for many years, with the duo Bristol players, and with Paul Hutchinson, appearing at Sidmouth, Broadstairs, Chippenham folk festivals amongst others.

Karen Wimhurst is a widely commissioned composer ranging from chamber works to music theatre and large-scale, collaborative productions. She works across musical genres, bridging jazz, folk and contemporary classical ensembles.

Paul Hutchinson is well known as one half of Belshazzarís Feast and, more recently, as one half of the acclaimed Pagoda Project with Karen Wimhurst.
He is a superlative accordion player with a unique style inspired by church organ music, violins & concertinas!


English Country Dance


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Ä 151

This includes tuition, room, five meals, and coffee/tea during the breaks.
Vegetarian meals must be ordered with your subscription, but there is no surcharge.
Surcharge for diet is 5.50 Ä

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